The best moments from The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries. It came to an end. And that is why I collected the best moments from The Vampire Diaries. Moments I loved of al the eight seasons.

The first time Damon and Elena had a moment together at the Miss mystic falls election. It starts with Elena walking down the stairs expecting Stefan, but Stefan isn’t there so Damon jumps in to dance with Elena.┬áIt was a magical moment. One I didn’t liked at first, because I didn’t liked Damon. However when I look back at it I think it is an amazing scene.

season 1 episode 19

At first I thought that Elena and Stefan were meant to be. Only after this scene I said goodbye to Stefan and loved Damon and Elena together. It was a calm and loving scene. Were damon told Elena he loves her but because he loves her he can’t be selfish so Damon compels Elena to forget everything. And because Damon compels Elena to forget it is a really good and loving scene.

season 2 episode 8

Elena turning into a vampire. Something I wanted since the beginning. And when it finally happend it was amazing. Elena became a vampire because matt and Elena drove into a river were she drown and matt survived. But in te beginning of the episode Elena was in a hospital. And to let her live Meredith gave Elena vampire blood. So when she passed away in the car accident the vampire blood was still in her system.

season 3 episode 22

the death of katherine pierce. I liked Katherine but when she died they made it really good. when I look back at her death it is even better then when I watched it for the first time because of the details you only understand if you watched everything.

season 5 episode 15

The last episode is full of best moments ever from The vampire diaries. This was the best episode of all the eight seasons! Every heartbreaking moment so perfect at the same time. From Bonnie saving everyone and waking up Elena, to the death of stefan. And the best part the moment Elena and Damon finally saw each other again. It was the perfect ending to an amazing show.

season 8 episode 16


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