5 summer must haves

I love summer. The heat, ice cream and the beach are just three amazing things about summer. But something I find more difficult are clothes. So here are five things you need for summer.

It is warm so you don’t want to were too much, but you do want to look fantastic. a simpel solution is skirts. And I don’t mean the simple black skirts. I mean the bolder colorful skirts.


the second must have is matching clothes. and with matching I mean te same color or print. this is a very easy outfit and looks amazing.


this one is perfect for really warm days. because its the swimsuit whit shorts or skirt outfit. looks nice and easy if you want to swim.


the button up track pants. you can buy them everywhere and depending on how warm it is you can change how many buttons are open.


the last must have is fun socks. if you have a basic outfit fun socks can make it cool and colorful. and it is really cheap.



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